Are yall ready to get live??
Do your own thing yall, come on

Verse i
Yeah i'm that skating kid chasing atheists
My brain waves is god faith canadian dangerous,
I pray lase some spit satan sins came to slay raid ye clicks
Final hour, he calls ye, you fall to the ground, prowler found ye soul for dollars, the devil caught ye
In the middle, living minimal, cynical, sinful-in travels crippled lips, and flows, this is how it goes i freak for the weak hearted, keep my speech sharpened 3's the trinity plant seeds for harvest
The gum flapper, climbing snakes up the ladder party crasher, than i'm poof like the rapture
Disappear with one clue check my vocals in booths,
The truth loose, is youths deuce deuce deuce
Like i was dying on a cross i'm rhyming for you and yours
Write it in my monologue, diamonds lost,
Yo i'm singing off

I ain't those dudes thugging, i aim to prove nothing
I move something choose god in the truth busting
Who's you fooling these crews you do nothing
True to the name slain i stay trusting

Verse ii
I came upon a party a bodies drinking bacardi naughty loddy dotty hotties drank folly intoxicated strongly
What the heck is this, start to jet catch my wrist directed to this chick she strictly business
Interest is this chris, yeah hi, i'm like frig
Decline and i split, to rhyme deprive sin
Am i alive, surprised it's like this it's repetitive like 9-5 i ain't it

You wanna smoke this you wanna get high ou wanna get all hot
Take your clothes off i ain't about that chilling
Ye dudes is getting illing scratches "i do my own thing" verse iii
So what you thought you had me, you dudes is too phony
Approached slow i didn't go, you don't know me i maybe look like you, but don't walk like ya
My burdens lighter in christ mics entice ya
You oughta try something else, ye fronting doesn't help ye running well, nice smell, ye still burn in hell wondering where we went down
When the wisdom went out
Whispers in the wind women and child it's the style
I've been raised with contagious in 80 states amazing forever changing in liberation
You couldn't understand, i talk about my man
The non popular you wouldn't call unless gun shots up in ye rock ye blazer, meetch maker, sex ye girl, roll ye papers date ye, 8th graders i walk upright talk, and rock for christ sorry dude, hope to see you and crews in the after life

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