Verse i
My type a lingo, street slang, when head banging reading romans, and fans chant, with understanding common words re-worked, son you can't follow
Flipped styles don't use when ye talk to mamma
Call it girl, umm, don't know how it go down
She ain't ye boy dude chill with that four pound i don't stress a suit to work or tie it up
Baggie denim earrings my took, looking tuff
The only difference is christ's in my sentences
Words are power, i know what repentance is
The irregular slang developer, trend setting the reflects in the mirror
You know the type a talk like pass me a drink please, i'm like bust me them beverages i'm thirsty
Speaking wisdom of the solomon coloring the verbal, switching up the pase like commercials
Chorus: i live inside the rhythm rise with the wisdom
Die as a christian slang style how i hitt'm
Talk how i want, live for my god mastering the art not following the odds

Verse ii
I stretch the alphabet sounding rich,
Started hollering, hustling, busting it,
Confidence talking it, conversations heads nodding it
To the streets, and the offices with it
Call it the flipped figures a speech spit hitting the beat, inner city streets kid's i'm trying to reach, yo
My description is, skate with a pivot, state my business soul train, say we ate delicious
Came with a funky attitude left ye brain's tattooed, trippy like a 24 a brews
Excuse my diction, but listen what i'm saying
Words with caution, stay meditating word a god switch it up bit,
That manafest cat he on a different tip
So take a ride opened eyed fantastic it's a high strip the lies culture rise, slang vibing vibe vibe.

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