You ladies got us tripping right
Messing with our minds i'm looking in the wrong place the wrong time
Close my eyes turn, and walk right by clothes is 1 inch thick with a 6 inch thigh
Yo, hold on calvin klein ye sexy designs, don't make the women shine
You got beauty on the inside girl that's class you're a star you don't need to flash that
Back in the day your dad would a collapsed
Excepted by our culture now, guess that's a fact i'm a move my way, say what i got a
Respect the ladies, put some clothes on her
How can i pretend, to not notice when ye skin's hanging out, men are dropping they mouths, bounce
Get out my district ye chicks, and your booty, come back rocking baggy jeans, and hoody

All the ladies in the place can you hear me now?
All the women dressing wild can you hold it down?
You need to fix up ye styles girl, respect ye self and you'll know
All the ladies in the place can you hear me now?
All the women dressing wild can you hold it down?
You need to fix up your style girl, use a star beautiful

Ye can't front with a women like that, word
You can't complain when your women's full stats huh in she come, where she go, yo i don't know,
All i'm asking is she put on some clothes, ohhhh have you ever seen this hot chick, you wanted to talk with everything was cool until she started talk in
You know what i'm saying don't you
It's so true, 2 hour conversations got to go dude, relic you know the answer is still know it ain't happening what your imaging dress like mary magdalene
And smelling like jasmine make a man wanna fast and repent
Total lust for ravishing yo it's past tense
You know cats that dig you for the size of your chest walking in obsession with sex and not blessing
What's more is the real you he won't take interesting your heart and soul is worth it's weight in gold with out flesh in societies perception, which you expect will always be reflected on how you dress there's no exception i won't diss your looks but i know some who will rip your heart out
Quicker than certain pictures in the noody books
On your outer beauty girl i judge none, but know that being a temptation is as bad as falling into one

Yeah i'm dissing your vibe and your stylo
Cause on the real dough, ye outfit lack material
Use a 2003 version of madonna, these guy's are tripping on ye who called the stylist? get a doctor ,we need to cover up, not ye face kido
Ye typical tight clothes visuals ,ye minimal dress code, is affecting my mental
Below my hip bone it says yall got to go
Believe me it ain't easy being a man, just seeing my wife can spark a light in my glands
Girls listen up, i won't call ye name out
But to all the ladies, who came in invading my town, you don't know what we go through do you
You don't need to dress freak to be beautiful ,god loves you the way you are, not your image
Stop listen, ye caught up you need to switch up ye thinking

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