Verse I
The question that drives us the God inside us
Try to divide us determines the survivors
You ever wonder why? I bust a thought inside
Start asking questions cause you "don't know" I simplify my life amplify my mic
My sign waves hype embark to spark light
Face to a name name to a face
But uh, don't ask my God cause its "I AM"
The journalist word specialist questions to you soul
How you living? Ya mind's ain't risen,
What's the cost of living? What's it take to make it?
Is my sex still sacred, and do gay's deface it
I wage wars positive based perogative apocalypse
Rap topic less just to get it off my lips I got's to spit this my costumes in stitches
All I got is realness don't care if you feel this,
So what!
I was just chilling at the spot one time thinking people needing answers to the questions on there mind.
Like what's the purpose, life's a circus start getting answers cause you

Verse II
Do you believe in God? or are you a paganist atheist straight faced eighties kid waiting for space aliens
Torn from Religion Born again Christians
Buddhist Muslims Talibans the ones held at customs
Something to absorb spiritually divorced having thoughts of ending your life's course
It's like
I don't need nobody I'm godly in my old mind philosophy don't preach or talk to me
Touching minds like massage therapists various areas souls careless cause it's something you should cherish Where it is, and isn't triple 6 digits glisten the system lacks equipment, and knowledge it's not wisdom

Verse III
We're living in a story not yet accomplished brother's talking nonsense
I'll tell you who my God is Fiction and & theory clean your ears & hear me Leary of the content the bibles not a "WHAT THE" Hell is going on.
Stay true to yourself
This world owes you nothing, but I know Christ can help What's the real truth about a Persons happiness?
It's all good now, but it's about what comes after it


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