I got your message on the phone
So tell me what's going on?
You say your day started so great
And then it went so wrong
No one ever plans for the bad days, do they, no
But I am here if you're needing a friend

Hey, don't give up tonight
I know you're going through the valley
But you're gonna make it out alright
Hey, tell your troubles goodbye
Go on and leave it in the valley
Leave it in the valley tonight

So you think he don't know what he's doing
You think he ain't by your side
Well, god knows when you're broken
And he's loving you
He's holding you so, so tight

So let the rain fall
He'll be standing there getting wet with you
You might get cold
But you won't be there alone

And when you're hanging by a thread hold on
You know the darkest part is right before the dawn
So when your fear has worn you out
Feels like the sky is on the ground
He ain't gonna let you down
He'll never let you down

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