There was a time where only spellsgoin' through my enchanted lifeyou touch and come where I saw and seeDeepen inside my wishes' wellI look for youbabe all aroundtell me if you're readyto be all...mine
You'll change your mind if you drink this!you'll see the light if you trust metake my hands and hold melive my life and come after meFinally found my wishes' wellnow howlin' cries are dancin' aroundyou can still join them wait and seeLife after deep death is fallin' downsearchin' for somethin' you can changeyour mindnow!but you remember...I'll be here!
break my heart and I'll squeeze youtear my mind and I'll blast you,be all mine and I'll bless youcall my name and I'll save youNow your desires dance through the spellsbut if you cry they will come backyou can be blessed if that is what you dear!
you're goin' into your grave...remember your choice!If you want to save your life,now you call my name!

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