Keep on trying hard to take
Water to my eyes
Freaking out for you love
Babe it's all around me
You mean everything to me
Something in your smile
That turns me on
My feeling's neverending
I remember all my days but
Still are passing by
Now you face is history my heart is crying
I wish you all the best and be what you wanna be
I'll stay around
But you will never see me

On ad on i'll sing my song
Taking my dreams to the sky
On and on i'll keep this love
Clos to my heart

I'm just a love dreamer
I'm just a love dreamer
You're love dreamer
Keep on falling in your arms
While i think of you
Love's just a lullaby inside
My fool dreams
And now i taste the saltiness
Of the tears i cry
Come and rescue me
And say you'll never leave
Me be the meaning of my
Life be the eternity
Cause i just can't wait to
Shine and show my feeling
Spreading now my wings
And fly through the fantasy
Of my desire i want give up
This pure love
On and on i'll sing this song
Love is the emotional flame
On and on i'll wait my phone
Singing your name
But i'm just a love dreamer
I'm just a love dreamer
A love dreamer

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