I can't stand the people after me
Don't want anymore jealousy
They pretend to be my friend
They say this for ever
Al they set to give their hand
Any brand new commer

Ahaaa! they wanna put me down
Ahaaa! they let me hit the ground

Someone said that i like gamble
Mister, i don't wanna rumbe
Controversy in my head
They don''t seem to understand
I can''t feel my [***]
Don''t have time for paddy man

Ahaaa! somebody set me free
Ahaaa! i''m tired of your sympathy
Ahaaa! jealousy!

Don't tell me i'm weaping out for you
Seem to me that your around or two
I don''t wanna argue look
You think i'm out my head
I guess i should thank you look
For the moment, i feel bad

Ahaa! you wanna put me down
Ahaa! [***]

You tell me that that i had my time
Left the golden ages behind
I am ready to take it easy
Even if your talking vain
I don''t wanna hear you baby
Bang bang here i come again

Ahaaa! somebody set me free
Ahaaa! i'm tired of your sympathy

Ahaaa! jealousy!

Let's make a brand new start
Open up your mind
Get rid of some of this this jealousy
It''s [***] in me
For al this jealousy!

Somebody help me!
Somebody! somebody! somebody!
Stop this jealousy!
Ahaaa! jealousy!

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