He's a giver and he'll give her the kind of
Attention that she's never known he's a helper and
He'll help her to open the doors that she can't on
Her own he's a lover and he'll love her in ways
That she never has been loved before he's a getter
And he'll get her by gettin' her into the world
She's been hungering for

He's a charmer and he'll charm her with money and
Manners that i never learned he's a leader and
He'll lead her across pretty bridges he's plannin'
To burn he's a talker and he'll talk her right off
Of her feet but he won't talk for long cause he's
A doer and he'll do her like i never did and he'll
Take right and do her wrong

Cause he's a taker he'll take her to places and
Make her fly higher than she's ever dared to he'll
Take his time before takin' advantage of takin'
Her easy and slow and after he's taken the body
And soul that she gives him he'll take her for
Granted then he'll take off and leave her taken
All of her pride when he goes then he'll take off
And leave her taken all of her pride when he goes

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