You said you weren't mine
So I'll go on without you
If you wanna shine
I let you shine without me
Cuz I've been too good
To let you take me down a
Dead-end street or let you drive me to drinking
I'm feeling good
Really good about me
So don't even think
The other men are not checking
What you lost

Yeah, yeah, yeah
yeah they're checkin' they're checkin' for me
Yeah, yea, yeah..........
yeah yeah yeah

You hurt me so bad
But I'm not gonna cry
Cuz there's fish in the sea
and i might take a dive to
See who is deep or
Just as deep as me
See I need a man
I didn't know you were that weak
Life is too short to be waitin' on you
to make up your mind
So do what you gotta do
Say yeah

Yeah, yeah, yeah
Oh, life is too short
To be waitin' on you, boy
Yeah, yeah, yeah

(I'm still alive now that you left me)
I'm still alive
Even though that you're gone
(I will survive even though you're gone)
Even though you're gone
I will survive, yeah
(I'm still alive now that you left me)
Uuh, yeah........
(Now my soul I can grow on my own)
Now my soul I can grow on my own
Uuh, yeah........
If we got to do
My lord, my lord, my lord..............
Every time I think about you
Couldn't stand.........
No, every time I think about you
I feel like...........

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