Christmas in the city, boy
Ain't nothing like it
(Word up)
Yo, remember last year
I think
We was on tour last year
I ain't tryin' to be
(Word up) in the city
That's what I want
Christmas in the city

Christmas jams
At the tunnel
Chop through hustle
And bustle
Snow and lights
Make wonderland
Out of this
Concrete jungle

There's a miracle
On 34th Street
On a train
Yeah, that lady
With all them bags
You see

Radio City
For the Christmas show
We making angels
In the snow
Giving honey
Lots of kisses
Under Mistletoe

Snowball fights
At courtyards
See Spanish Harlem
Sing Feliz Navidad
New York state of mind
At Christmas time
In the city

All the children
Their new clothes
And toys and things
That they got
For Christmas
This year
Their full
Of happiness
And cheer

On Christmas
In the city
I'm so glad
I'm living
To see another
Christmas Day
Got to show the Lord
I appreciate
His blessings
On this special day
It's Christmas
In the city

Christmas in the city
(Christmas in the city)
Ain't no place
I'd rather be (yeah, oh)
Out of all
The places I could be
I'd rather be
(I'd rather be)
In New York, chilly

Rockefeller Center
Has the biggest
Christmas tree of all
You can go downtown
And see it all
I guarantee
You'll have a ball
On Christmas
In the city

Something about
This atmosphere
Makes me want
To stay right here
I can see
The city lights
The cab drivers fuss
And fight on Broadway
And it's Christmas
Christmas, yeah

(Chorus 2x)

I want to be chilly
La, la, la ,la ,la
La, la, la, la, la
Out of all the places
I could be
I'd rather be home

(Chorus 3x)

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