Yea, you know Mary
These last couple of years
I have been going through
Some changes
Good and bad, but you know what?
At the end of it
It's still all love girl

Ohhhh, oh baby

You stayed away half the night
Love has just
Put you through changes uh
Tell me why
Tell me why, tell me why
It must be love
That's on your mind
You're doing things
You wouldn't before
And you ought to know that

Love will make you
Oh, so happy inside
(I try to control it
But it's just taking over me)
Love will make you oh so sad
Make you cry

Love changes
Ooh, love changes
That's what love
Puts us through
Love changes
Ooh, love changes
That's what l
Love makes one do
Ooh, love changes

If it's real this time
There's not another
Hey good-bye

You walk around
I can't believe
Thought would
Hurt again
Hurt again
I can't believe
That this love will


You know what Mary?
Yea Jamie?
All I want to do is
Just get to back
To the basics
I want to get back
To the loving
Get back to hugging
Get back to caring
Get back to sharing
Get back to understanding
Everything we do
Get back to even teaching
Teach me please
Get back to loving your woman
Get back to loving your man
Get back to cooking for your man
Whenever you're hungry baby

Love changes
Ooh, love changes
Oooh, love changes


Put your hands in the air
If you know what I mean tonight

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