I cant believe
Ater all this time,
I'm in love with a man
who could never be mine
and just to think
I believed one day, you'd really leave
Like you said you would, cause you dont love her
but your little girl really needs you.

Christmas you were with me
New Years Eve you were not around
Valentines you came and went, it makes me wonder where your
time was spent.
fireworks on the 4th of July, Thanksgiving was another lie.
Your family has never met me and you've never met mine,
No Happy Holidays.

No more Happy Holidays
I've got to let go, of this feeling
Being with you deprived me, of your true love, true love.
I can stop on living, this life, without being number one.
This is finally goodbye, I pray to God
You live a happy life
Cause loveing you just aint right.


( I had none) I wish I had none ( the situation from the start.)
( Now it's complicated because)
It is because I gave you my heart.
(Honestly I held on) I held on for dear life.
For my ego my pride.
(But what goes around) but what goes around
(comes around) comes around
But maybe next time, ill be on the other side.

mmmm...( music plays)


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