[Verse] in the middle of the night you hold me tight
said it's alright i'm yours forever
i do what you want if you don't hurt me
i'll cook and clean i'll make you happy
[Chorus] ooh what you do to me
ooh you're my everything
ooh i'm so glad i found you
ooh i can't live without you
[Verse] got a jones in my bones and it's all for you babe
can't leave your arm i'm so addicted
i can't see a thang it's the sweetest thang
so who's your girl you better say my name
[Vamp] what you do to me it's just a mystery
it's hard to believe that you are here with me
making all my dreams a sweet reality
all my life i tried to find what's best for me
[Chorus] 3x
[Chorus] til end

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