Intro] willing and waiting but it's all up to you
[Verse] the very first, time i layed my eyes on you
i knew you were the one
loving, can't compare to all the times
that we both had some fun
[Hook]sometimes i wanna cry
cause boy i realize
i need you in my life
don't think he understands
i want him for my man
i'm waiting for you
[Chorus] willing and waiting so in love with you
willing and waiting boy it's all on you
willing and waiting boy i need the truth
willing and waiting i'm so in love with you
[Verse] everytime, boy i take one look at you
i see the sunday shine
when we're alone, never want the night to end
cause you're the one i want
[Ad Libs] you better answer (2x)
[Chorus] til end

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