Hello World
I Got something to tell you,
dont, dont hurt me again,
You ready for me
dont, dont, dont hurt me again,

This aint swagga,
this who I am
somebody please tell em who I am,
Mr club jumping til 4 am
How many times I'm gon tell you,

I almost crashed my car
thinkin bout you,
I can look at the stars,
thinking bout you
I almost lost my head,
thinkin bout you,
thinkin bout you,
so hear what Im saying
thinkin bout you,
i can be in another state of me
thinking bout you
i just caught the same
thinking bout you,
whenever it gets this late,
thinking bout you,

Now I be your knight in shining armour,
you right that Im a charmer,
your life is full of drama,
you remind me of my momma,
imma have you somewhere so far from the Bahama's
you be looking for designers.
beware of the piranha's,
true diva, let the crew need a face,
cute enough to sit in a two seater,
now the chicks wanna date us,
of course they hate us,
cars black all day make it look like the raiders,
man, they want to be your girl, why you laughing,
rollin in cash in, takin trips to aspen,
pull up in the aston, martin
but once she start to gaspin,
once she cook you soup and give you asprin, huh,
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cos really at the end of the day,
it'll be you im with,
to all the chicks, in the bay,
i can't do it with,
i can't have you in the accord,
you need a newer whip, cos in the end,
it'll be you i do it with,


i said i'm the man who,
never demand you,
flight will land you,
on a white beach it's too hot ta wear sandals,
where (?) fan you,
prince Diane you,
tint and kayan you,
do you like Prince Charles
your friends go arghhhh
ain't that sweet and I ain't that creep,
buy you rubys over diamonds cos I aint that cheap,
caramel kisses, chocolate on Valentine,
you (?) now you a habit of mine,
you the reason Mase is knowing me,
cut my phone off, say please stop calling me,
ever since I met ya girl she been boring me,
[Lyrics courtesy of Killerhiphop.com]
put something aside, so you can get more of me,
take a day without pay so you can get all of me,
if cash aint got ya tongue girl, come talk to me,
and i f i had a weakness you would be the fall of me,

Thinking bout you
Thinking bout you


NYC I'm thinking about you
ATL I'm thinking about you
Chi Town I'm thinking about you
D Town I'm thinking about you
MC I'm thinking about you
SOuth Carolina I'm thinking about you
the whole VA I'm thinking about you
La and the Bay I'm thinking about you
Houston I'm thinking about you
Cleveland I'm thinking about you
Tennessee I'm thinking about you
The whole UK I'm thinking about you
London Japan I'm thinking about you
Tokyo I'm thinking about you
Thinking bout you
Nebraska I'm thinking about you
Jacksonville I'm thinking about you

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