This is an invitation for all my thug niggaz
To come join me on a journey
To the everlasting shivelry of life
A place where there's no violence, no pain, no crime, no ghettos
Nothing but sunshine at the end of the road baby
So come with me
[Chorus x2]
All my thug niggaz ride to eternity
Lets ride nigga lets ride nigga
Back in the days I was afraid of the police
Just another paranoid drug dealer on the streets
My ghetto hero was above the law
I caught a glimpse of a bullet
That took him down like a southpaw
Uneducated to the game of life
I was headed to the grave but the pen kept my mind right
A young mothafucka doomed since day one
Shit I'm a fool I'm a ball til my time come
A G to me is like a meal on the streets
I'm a kill just to eat and leave my enemies on the concrete
They say a soft heart make a bitch nigga stay alert
Stay alive that's the code of a thug nigga
Don't wanna rob and steal but crime pays the bills
Niggaz know I'm real so my pain is what they feel
I'm a rider TRU niggaz gone feel me
C-Murder ain't gone die til a bitch nigga kill me
[Chorus x2]
[Master P]
How many niggas wanna ride with me
When I'm gone don't no mothafuckers cry for me
I want the nigga that did it to die with me
And his mama and his brother take a ride with me
Cause I'm a killer Kill a nigga balling
Balling on the 3rd ward Calliope New Orleans
Nigga like a devil with the mothafucking red prints
Bite me like a monkey on top of a elephant
The game got me crazy got me seeing daisies
Its cowboys and indians when a nigga try to play me
God won't you save me, nigga only a baby
Only time can take me, mama why you mad

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