Master p now that you have made it big time
What doy ou have to say to the people
Who didn't think you could make it

[master p]
Same shit i had to say last year
"fuck em!"

Im going big time, i got four girls in the safe
With 50 g's and four ki's i got a sure dope case
But ill smolder the task, fedz was all on my ass
But i got away clean, and kept the nine on the dash
Everyday the games get deeper, the week don't survive
You wanna play you gotta hustle like a ninety five
Now im rolling the car stolen, in the 92 lexus
Driving in california took a trip to texas
Come up, you see it aint about them games bro
Its all about my mil cause i gotta get paid doe
With the dope fiends condiving, suckers wanna try me
Got the wholesale and im strapped when im riding
Peepin' on the turf undercover police
They got me under servailence trying to check my car lease
Constantly waitning for the p crimes to surface
One time on the creep but no time to get nervous
See my concerts are packed, people standing in line
Master p done crossed over, im going big time

Im going big time
Cause a brother like me, i gots to get mine x3

Damn task kicks down my door the got a warrant
50 pull me over but my ??
Evertime they try to get me
Im legit im never slipping, got a female like a trust but
The girl is always tripping
Wondering where im going i gots to what i gotta
I gots to get paid girl ill see your ass tomorrow
Hurry to the crocks bout to pick up my paper
Call the girl up the was blowing up my pager
She wants me to come over and bend over like robbering
I walk into the gate but im tripping off the doberman
My pager is blowing up money callin

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