[Hook - 2x]
It's a drought, but we got dope
We got dope, we got dope
It's a drought, but we got dope
Then it's gon cost you mo'

[Master P]
First you mix the dope, then you cook the dope
And if you ain't a fiend, you don't smoke the dope
This ain't a movie, and you ain't Scarface
So don't bring no hoe around you, that love white cake
C-Murder facing life, and never gave a name
And you niggaz turn on each other, for a couple of them thangs
I must address this shit, cause it's a serious fucking issue
How you gon accept a badge, 'fore the police come get you
We don't fuck with y'all kind, whodi why you snitching
This ain't baseball, so stop pitching
And making collect calls, to the police
Get your jersey retired, whodi you don't know me
I should of stayed in school, could of been a doctor
But I'm riding Third Ward boys, trying to lose them helicopters
But I ain't with being broke, got the scale in my coat
We gon get through this man, meet me by the sto'
And I don't know, what they told you boy
I got that A1, whole baking soda boy
You could add the B12, put it in a bag
Take it to the hood, I bet it go fast

[Hook - 2x]

I take razors to the plate, chop up the yay
Till they call the corner store, the Hard Rock Cafe
So I kick in the door, cause they heard I supply bricks
I got 10 they find more, I could hide 6

You think quick, when there's money on the line
That's when I come through, and get em every time
Fine line 'tween the vision my chain, like it's straw
And the nose of a fiend, and they sniffing that caine

You snort raw, I got Peruvian pure
My connect not

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