Picture this nigga, me a ghetto millionaire
And all my fucking enemies evaporated (evaporated)
Only the real can feel me (only the real)
Let's ride this one's for the killers and dealers
Still bout it bout it nigga now the world gone feel it (3X)
Stomach pains in the ghetto and I'm starving
But picture me a third ward nigga ballin'
A house on the lake and one on the hill
Imagine in a ferrari worth millions in dollar bills
If the game won't change me these niggas won't tame me
This bitches won't bring me and everybody blame me
Niggas gettin' paid started from the streets
If a nigga don't hustle then mama don't eat
I live my life with some thugs I run with killers and G's
Tech-nine and Oz's gone off hennessy and weed
I'm asking ya'll a question who makes these white laws
And all the taxes I pay why don't the government protect superstars
They couldn't save Biggie and what about Tupac
My little brother C-Murder went to jail with AP-9 and two glocks
This ghetto got me trapped these fiends drivin' me crazy
I'm duckin' dodgin' the police penetetionary and daisy
Protected by soldiers live my life smokin'
The ghetto bottles are broken and cast popped open
Nobody want to die young but everybody gotta go
So pass me the stress release cuz even Bill Clinton smoke
Nigga we riders (riders) for every fucking one of us they take
We takin' a hundred of them
We gonna make some motherfuckin' statements too now
But you know what that we mortalizin' together and comin' together
And we diein' together it ain't no game niggas soliders black power
'Til death do us part nigga for every nigga they take we goc

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