I have looked so long for love
I think I'm gonna give it up
My heart has had enough...and from now on
I think I'm gonna it up

I'll never let someone hurt me again
If they knock I just won't let them in

But who's that boy
You can always make exceptions
Who's that boy
He's got my full attention

I could use that boy
To give me some affection
Tell me what's his...name

Who's that boy
I need a quick identification
Who's that boy
Here I go again
I could lose that boy

If I don't make my move right now
I don't want to choose right now
But what else can I do

I'm all through with playing games
I'm tried of being treated rough
Maybe you can see I've changed...from now on
I'm not a little powder puff

I won't give in like some misguided fool
I promise to live by that rule


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