On the outskirts of the wreckage,
Out in the sun under the golden gate,
Annie said she was waiting
For the next one to leave.

She had a masters degree
In disappointment,
That's what she said to me,
Laughed when she said it,
Flat on our backs in the grass
Out at chrissy field.

My life's a movie.
My whole life's a movie,
If movie's made you wanna
Jump off of a bridge.
She said 'I got one who moves me
And one who sees through me.
All I really want is a kiss.

Annie's always waiting for the next one to leave
But she's right on time for me.

I got the right words
From the wrong mouths.
Hurricanes crashing hard
Like I'm the deep south.
Well, it always looked like
Dry land out there to me.

She said, my mother,
She taught me how to doubt myself.
Now, she lives in my head
Like it's a tree house.
I see her clearer in the mirror
More and more each day.

I was only kidding when I said I like a fight.
I was only kinda kidding when I said I like a fight.
I was kinda kidding when I said I like a fight,
But sometimes you gotta start 'em yourself.

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