She always said the world was overrated
And she couldn't take the drama it created
It's a wonder that she didn't wind up jaded
From all the times she's been let down
Well, mom and dad split up when she was four years old
And left the world as she knew it spinning out of control
And she grew up feeling a hole in her soul
'Cause they were never around
She said, "why's everybody always leaving?
I just want someone to believe in
And someone who believes in me"

When you can't find a friend in the world
A friend in the world
Love is reaching down
When you can't find a friend in the world
A friend in the world
You got one now

I grew up in the glass house of a preacher
Where every move I ever made was a feature
And when you don't always do what they teach you
You see, they always point you out
But it's just like tobyMac used to say,
"Some people gotta learn the hardway"
And when I couldn't outrun all the things I'd done
I picked up the phone and my dad said, "son …"

This is where the story gets crazy
And this is the part that's so amazing
You see, the girl I sang about in the first verse
Became my wife
And there's one last thing I'd like to mention
We owe it all to the author of redemption
Because He reached her life and He reached my life
And He's reaching out now take a look around

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