Listen while you read!
I left the lights up all year round
’cause I couldn’t bear the thought of taking ‘em down
I’ve been singing “Jingle Bell Rock” since July
all the Neighbors look at me like I’m crazy but I
Got a feeling that I just can’t shake
It’s lasted 365 days
Now I’m too excited, I can’t sleep a wink and
I stare at the snow outside my window just thinkin’

Come on Christmas
I don’t why you’re taking so long Christmas
I’ve been waitin’ all year for you to get here
and I can’t take another second
Can’t you hear me beggin’?
Hurry up Santa Claus
I’ll give you my number
Just in case your reindeer get lost
And I sure wouldn’t mind
If you’re early this time
So, Come on, come on, come on Christmas!

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