I can see U without even looking
I can hear U and U don't have 2 make a sound
I can feel U without even touching
I am near U even when U're not around

I guess I'm crazy, crazy 'bout U, boy
I guess I'm crazy, crazy 'bout U, boy
Guess I'm crazy, yeah, yeah

On a crowded street there is no one
Only U and me, if only in my heart
This feeling can't be beat, loving U's so fun, so fun
A fire burns in me, I don't need a flame 2 start it


If I could somehow make U see
Everything U do 2 me
Maybe then U'd realize
U're the reason 4 this look in my eyes
Don't U wanna hold me?
Say U wanna hold me

I belong 2 U even though U don't want me
If I'm in love with U, it's plenty a reason 2 be alive
No one understands, they say that I'm foolish
They say I should let U go, but U, U are my destiny


Ooh, if somehow I could make U see
(Crazy, crazy about U, boy)
All the things U do 2 me
Maybe then U'd realize
(Crazy, crazy about U, boy)
That U're the reason that I'm alive

U can look in my eyes (Crazy)
Maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe U know
(Crazy, crazy about U, boy)
I'm crazy about U, boy
Just one look, just one look, baby
(Crazy, crazy about U, boy)
I guess I'm crazy (Crazy)
(Crazy) {x3}
Sugar, sugar, yeah, yeah, yeah

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