In the muthafuckin house, fool
For the 9 to the fizive-o
The eihthype thugs in the muthafuckin house
And like my nigga e-40 say:
We got a colloseum of muthafuckas in here
Tha eihthype thugs
Lil hawk & bird
Da foe

I'ma hit you up with the t, so better scoot
Out the sunroof of the coupe as I shoot
And ain't no crack, little cluck, it's just bullets that I'm slingin
Never-be-hangin, one-street-bangin
We don't be playin, fools runnin at the fuckin lip
Runnin, start runnin, you best not trip
Fast from the hip (pop pop) explodin
When the 9 mill starts unloadin
You better be watchin what you sayin
Cause niggas from 159th ain't playin
Trey's and 4's and houses start hittin your block
Mass hysteria, your bitch-ass gettin scarier
Don't wanna catch the slug
But you's a mark tryin to be a tree top thug
Can't get no respect, well punk, then try this
Report your homies for domestic violence
For beatin your bitch ass up and down the block
Dash, david gash, i'ma tap that ass

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