Sendin' this one right here
To all the girls out there that get down like they live
Fuck it
Roll with the hoo-bangers
You like the way I get down like y'all live
Check it out

Y'all know the
Bitch I need, nuthin but cash and weed
Out of town trips, slips my cash with speed
Don't get it twisted, no captain
But I'm cappin' and duckin'
While a hoe hides me out and I'm steadily fuckin'
Doin your thang
While I teach you how to hop on planes
Get this cream from this fool with the country name
Same day you get back, my bankroll stack
As a matter of fact, you know I like that
Sticky bitches have niggas straight spendin' they dough
Ya know cash runs everything around a hoe
Greedy as fuck, a chicken tryin' to scheme on chickens
Greedy as fuck, to pay the bitch, she keep on lickin'
I love the hoe
She's out to get my paper fo' sho'
Anytime and place she ready to go
Love scratch
No pigeon in the world could match
Simple as fuck
Hood rats ain't hard to catch

Hood rats
We lovin 'em ho's, we lovin 'em ho's
C'mon, geah
Sing with me...
C'mon geah

Sneaky cause she wanna just fuck for ends
Fuck and spend, fuck, run tell yo' friens
All of y'all do their fuckin' shit
All your homegirl, bitch, who you fuckin' with
Gossip you spit
Put each other up on game
On which nigga's got chips, routine's the same
Shakin' that ass with the jiggle and twitch
In the club bustin', knowin i'ma want that bitch
You ain't seein a nigga ghetto rich
Ghetto fab, ghetto star
Hop off stage, ? ? ? bless thou? ?
No questions asked, that's the role you play
You hit me up on monday
Fuck the bitch anyway
It ain't nuthin'
And leave suckas say: the bitch good for somethin
Anywhere, any day, any hour
In front of anybody, in the shower

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