When I hear the words: murda murda, I concern a
Slug in your burden brain
Niggas heard of me
From here to eternity
Fuck hell cause I can feel the earth burn in me
Now we can meet, we can greet, we can see, we can eat
We can hold court in the street
Whatcha wanna do?
I just ate, it's a quarter to 8
I'm in section 8 with mc eiht and a 38 (yeah)
And I'm ready to ride for this shit
Muthafucka done invested his life in this shit
And we ain't losin' rather take a penitentiary chance
And ? ? your house like some blue and red ends
Make you dance like holyfield
And we'll rob you like lennox lewis
And you can't do nuthin' to us (nuthin')
Spent my life with the west rollies
A few of 'em still gangbangin in they 40's, what
Violatin parolies

Gangstas make the world go round
And stayin' down in the y-2-k
That's what they say
It's hoo-bang muthafucka and we don't play
Eiht, cube and mack: iii tha hood way, geah
I said...

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