What you motherfuckers gon throw up
What you motherfuckers gon do
Get your ass sow up
When I blast the 22
Player times is ill
Half of you niggas be wishin rhymes can kill
Hoo bangin who claimin the same hood as me
I guarantee them motherfucker ain`t as good as me
I'm takin chances when givin circumstancers the deal with
Got a brand new gat from my homiez so I can kill with
17 shots makin 17 niggas drop
Now it's 13 ammalances headin to the circle spot
To some of them niggas sleepin like toxic ways
It will be a closed casket cause I blast to the face
They got a taste of my heater
Hoppin cisalin like cup of heater
The only way that a nigga coulde be tha
Its the be fastest a fuckin sheeter

I said what you motherfuckers gon throw up
I said bangin in the cpt

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