Lil' hawk & bird in the house (geah)
Niggas on the run in the house (right)
Da foe in the house (that's right)
My nigga d.t. in the house (ain't nuthin' but clownin', geah baby)
The eihthype thugs in the house
Ain't nuthin but clownin, y'know I'm sayin'?
And this goin' out to all them thug niggas worldwide, y'know I'm sayin'?
Check it out

Here goes another gang tale from that street smart cat
First lesson: don't be slippin' without your gat
Cause out here they be trippin' on all kinds of shit
From the colors to the way that you hit your switch
Don't be a soft-ass nigga
Just belong to the gang of your choice with your hand on your trigga
Now represent like you got no fuckin' sense at all
On every corner that is clear, hit your name on the wall (geah - hey)
Jump in the back seat, we on a hoo-ride
Reminiscin' about my muthafuckin homies that died
I lay back and close my eyes and wonder
How many muthafuckin' niggas the hood gon' take under (geah)
But it's a fact; that these niggas be slippin'
Gon' get caught up with the muthafuckin mac
But it's all good, doing dirt, puttin' in work
I got love 4 tha hood
Come on

Uh, geah, geah, c'mon
We got love for our hood
(throw your hands in the air)
Do you got love 4 your hood? geah c'mon
(throw your shit in the air like you just don't care)

Can't wait to hit the gate at 3 p.m.
A 159 killers I'm ready to kick it with them
Let my rag hang slightly out the button hole
I'm ready to stack chips higher than a totem pole
Geah, I hopes this gang shit don't ever cease
Duckin' and dodgin' from the school police
To the west, we got power, one time's scary
Hoodrats by the dozen, everybody's cousin
Caviar selling's how we handle our biz
Drive-by shooting's just the way that it is
Cavi in the bushes, straps in a stash
Liquor store run, somebody better make a dash
Living that life on the edge ain't nuthin (uh get'em)
You best not wanna be startin' something
But geah, it's all good, doin dirt, puttin' in work
I got love for the hood, come on

Geah (hey)
Who got love for their hood?
You got love for your love?
Cause we got love for our hood...

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