Geah (check it out)
One two, one two
Geah (one two one two)
Check it out, uh

I can't fuck with a proper bitch
Cause she wants me to save her
I can't flow
I'd rather fucks with a greedy bitch (geah)
Cause the bitch is much cheaper
So here we go

There's a thin line between a dollar and a hand which just connected
With that hand belonged to you then you'd be the one that's most suspected
So to deal with this here, I needs all of mine
Cause stacking g's and smoking trees is really all that's on my mind
And I'm trying to find me a chicken with thick legs and smooth skin
With a cool panty line and lots of paper to spend
Cause where me and eiht about to go
I know there's chickens for days
You best to bring your ben franklins
But never will we pay to play
It's more the other way around cause nowadays that's how it goes
So grab the rest of your girls and let me put a lock on this door
We gon' to be doin this all night or release till we run outta smoke
But see that shit will never happen so just prepare to get stroked
Cause the way we like to do don't get no better than this
Mission one is now done, hop in the beamer with slip
So while the players are still hating, trying to ruin the game
You'll see eiht and hight t travelling plane to plane

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