Yo, hoo-bangin' niggas offcials for the year 2g
I want y'all niggas to say hello to the bad nigga, uh
Hoo-bangin', what's up
Ya know this ? ? ? muthafucka's life ain't shit
Right here
Creepin' up on your ass
For the year 2g
Must be murder

Nighttime vision, my hot nine catching you while you sleep
It's critical nigga, it's too deep
Fuck, your talk is cheap, paid to sweep
Ya know this killa nigga from the west side of the street
Old school fool, pack choose the rules
Confrontation, confront blazing tool
My mighty black sword is ready to duel
No sympathy when punishment's include
Back the fuck up, niggas, I act up
Homerun-hitter, the quick nine-spitter
When my mind starts playing tricks and flashbacks
Of seein porno flicks, done criminal acts
Y'all ain't touching my squad
Run the whole yard, anybody disguised, pulling your card
Mock my life, nigga, it's too hard
Ready for battle in the streets, you get scarred

Must - be murder
Hoo-bangin' for life ain't no joke
Must be murder
Reppin' the west, so watch the gun smoke

I know my momma be praying her lord save me
I bail the street with the strap, the homie daily
You're crazy, y'all ain't from my spot, so push
Before your dead body's recovered, multiple shots
You speak by your weak position, thinkin' you're strong
You're wrong, nigga, watch my killa ambition
Touch ya, hoo-bang niggas who ride
Who roll on your side ready to die
Who lights up your life with hot flames
Real straight game, thug life's the game
Gettin' it, never pretending since the beginning
Niggas like me keeps the world spinnin'
I ain't done yet, enemies don't tempt me
Unload episodes until my clip empty
Y'all ain't gettin' the front line
Your front line, you can save conversation with my nine

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