We're on this smooth shit
Takin you back to the old school (westside)
Hoo-bangin in the house
And right about now
We got the real cpt g's up in here
Mc eiht , boom bam , cmw representin to the fullest
Hoo-bangin to the fullest

I once heard don't forget
Where you came from , son
And if you're bailin thru compton
You better bring a gun
Cops tryin to set off spots and raid niggas
Just cause we some fuckin paid niggas
Zags and crack that I used to sell
To the swap meet to get my gear and straight bail
What 'll it be to they lost my loot
So 5-o wants all a blue khaki suit
Shoot if y'all come down the block, static
Dash like a rabbit barely escapin the automatic
Tragic is the scene that's left
Bringin the pain like meth(od man)
The yellow tape means death (boyaa)
Steps the fuck off or meet your maker
The tech 9 will take ya be the back-breaker
Out for cash flow the way I was part of
Keep your hood tight nigga don't get caught up

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