Brrrr stick 'em hahaha stick 'em...
Half ounce one time stick 'em
You know how the fuck we do it, c'mon
Y'all remember that old school shit, geah
Get 'em

Your block is mine bitch back up
We run the whole fucking world chips stack up (chin chin)
We've been
Gettin in where we fit in since the old days
L.t.d.'s rode bopping the o'jays
Gun place, crime place, one time swoop
Strawberries in the back - at the 70's coupe
Giving head like a chicken plucked
Four niggas one bitch, everybody fucking
From selling my
Crack on the corner, packing, bailing my straps
Got a
Million reasons so it be's the killin season, moves the crowd
As the bullets hit with no names
Connects the dots echos through the ghetto hot
Flies like an eagle
Becomes the strap by the motherfuckin regal
Tinted windows
Tyres spin fast up out yo' set
Next week right back to see who we can get
You want yo' chin checked (ping)
Fools just gimme a car
We got yo' ass when we see you r.i.p. on the wall
The way I'm livin don't give no hail low
One times I stay low
Want pay no compton, no play no
Hit the round when we start blastin
Out the back door
Before they send the ? ? ? ? in (get up)
We niggas fo' hire
Bustin (boom)
We bust back (boom), return the fire, get' em

Brrrrrrr stick 'em hahaha stick'em...
Half ounce one time stick 'em

Bails around twelve o'clock
Roam my block with the glock
Keeps the world nicely stash
From neighbourhood watch
Walks the rocks
Dope fiends makes my pay
Late nite hype to fiends so they walk this way
24 is the delivery
And if you want that bomb shit come and spend with me
Killas been with me
Two top tree (geah)
Cars deep from the streets a diploma
Endo aroma
In a coma trauma center, slugs hit your body
Mentality's too sick when we leave the party
Makes to clean ghetto way got yo' spot on quire
Shootin a sheriff, we wired so you best not try it
In my life time I find a fuckin need
To be paper down red bones chronic weed
With speed
A nigga commits to - cluck his dope
One time's trying to stop the paper chase fo' sho'
Oh no ain't no escaping of the ghetto bird
As they fly in fast the 5-0 swerve
Niggas need to listen: pay attention
For the money on a mission
Niggas fo' hire 'turn the fire, geah

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