Somebody snitchin ain't that a bitch
Motherfuckin 5-0 at my front door
Uhh , talkin about they got a gang of witnesses
Wanna commit and search my premises
Sellin dat candy is just the way to survive
And dealin them straps they won't take me alive
So now I gots ta play it like I say it
See the fuckin glare of the batch and I spray it
Uhh , they kickin my front door with them steel-toe boots
My face [? ] so I starts to shoot
I hit 1 to the 2 starts to shout
Grab the motherfuckin yea kick the backdoor fool , I'm out
All for your dollars and some sense
Hear the fuckin sirens and I hit the back , bitch
Uhh , I start to scatter like a mouse
Snatch the fuckin yea and I'm out to my nigga boom bam's house

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