Somebody told me
They want some of that thug shit up in here
So i'ma take ya back down memory lane
And give ya some of that wicked shit
And i'ma do this right here
For all my cpt g's in the house
Check this out

As my life takes a twirl
I say fuck the world
Cause sometimes it seems
That it's all a bad dream
Pops must have fucked with moms
On the scheme
But sooner or later
He left our 2 man team
But fuck him
Times done changed I'm in the game
And I bring moms pain
Cause the game is slangin caine
Cries from my eyes as I hits the street
Pounds in the chest tha heart beats
As I roll with heats
Pops wasn't around but for a minute or shit
Until he skipped across town
With another bitch to stick
Stuck moms one more times
Then dropped a dime
And on top of that
Had a son same age mine
But, uhh, don't blame me
Cause lord I try not to
Have an attitude like 'fuck him until I die'
But now I rebel and cause moms hell
And hit the blocks
Cause I'm into makin illegal mail

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