Half ounce in the house, what?
Check it out, check it out
Don't be comin' around my way with that tough guy shit
Only west side allowed and we won't get hit, geah
We got the ho's locked down
Half ounce in the house
It's like this
Mon diggi
Stick 'em

My visions outta focus cause I lit the hocus-pocus
All I'm leavin' for you vultures is a couple of cockroaches
Mon-diggi split your wiggy - probably incidental
When I rape your instrumental but we gon' keep that confidential
I really can keep a secret but you tellin' lies
Hesitant to represent
You like a bitch in disguise
Talkin' about you need a trend so you can wet the tough guyz
And suspense is your evidence, lay it to scuff guys
Must I - do the cappin', I would love to keep rappin'
But I heard you always packin' and bitch-made when it come to scrappin'
Mon-d, sinister m.c. is x-fac'in'
Lookin' for your captain so I can smack and p.d. wack him
My tactics are more than just bad bitches and back
Shiiit, jackie chan would fuck around and get his ass blasted
Stupid bastard - diggi blessed the session
Niggas in my section are lookin' for some new direction

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