It's genocide, can't you see?
A genocide in the first degree
You know it's a mad, a mad mad world
Don't give damn if you don't believe me!
I've seen the light, and I like what I've seen
These creaturs don't worry you
Let's go there, just you and me
Across The Universe, higher and higher
I'm feeling good, now know what I mean?
Don't you try to touch me!
Hey! People! Are you coming back, huh?!
Back? They've got to come in before
It's blown away, the raid; their in the air
It's crazy, it's out of hand
God O.D. is run through my head
There's nothing on Earth could move me
Hundred miles an hour, seven days a week
Don't you want to feel it breaking your back
'Cause the Word of The Lord makes me break out screaming:
"Storm the studio!"

It's genocide, can't you see?
A genocide in the second degree
No dignity, I'm walking on your face!
You're not moving!?
Take to take, no time to waist
Tearing it all, giving it all, giving it all away
You're feeling good
Picking it up, you're feeling good
Put it to the back of your mind, for the time's not right
I'm gonna make you scream!
Coming from the back of your mind
You can't forget all the times
That yo've been punched to get the grade in
Blown away by the force of the word
Woken up by the sound of siren
I said: "Yeah!" (I feel it coming on!)

It's genocide, can't you see?
A genocide means nothing to me!
Put it to the back of your mind for the time is right
it's time to scream!
From time to time you're gonna get this feeling
Can't stand the pace
You've gotta give it a freak base
Time and again you'll be reeling!

[repeat with whispering voices]

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