I got these niggas saying on me
But i don't give a fuck because these bitches waiting on me
I'm just counting all this money and buying all this hammers
So when it's next play my shooters..reflection like a camera
My wood is like a monster
My bitch got a shit she got a million dollar sponsor
These niggas getting sick
Somebody call a doctor
'cause all the blood dripping 20..
The dolce and gabana, gucci and louie prada
Fly tell you why sucks boy i got lot
Model and..that's where they probably ..
I sign..

I swallow bitches i employ them niggas
Write my ass with them riches like is my only tissue
Fuck with the women, minks in a..
Feelin the ..for millionaire meet with a nigga
You niggas hatin, my niggas ballin
Poppin bank count dollars buy the magnum bottles
My bitches patient
Your bitches born
Fuck what that frighty night we both f*ck the sundy morn

Young nigga lot of cash, bad bitches lot of ass
Let em get me kind of fancy
Got this..
Meet a..i'm sticks out
Ak with the common..
These niggas is kind of nice which means is kind of..
I'll be on the ..kind of shit
Boy i'm getting consequence
Monday i am with my jaze, tuesday my prada bag
One day i go louie vuitton sayin how you do,
..i hit the boob no.. my bitches super fly
I'm..wanna kill herself suicide
..plan me he knows do a..
I got a big me and that.. a suicide
..boy i got a runnin too
Fuck a runnin hoe all this bitches comin to
Tell em that i'm coming now, tell em that i'm coming..
Boy my...

With rose ..me rose
He said that that working, i was like okay
She's taking me money i was like no way
She got mad..touch my phone it ain't no..
Am like begone bitch, begone bitch
I pop a .. turn on the..
Them bitches knowin that
Because you won this
You put more money and i put em on this

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