I've been spiting fire like a dying dragon

I'm Meek Mill
Follow me bitch
Don't you spit girl
Swallow my each
If I had a dollar
Every model I hit
And a corner
For every single .. I zip
I'll probably make a fort
My .. is a short
I'm partyin' in a tour
Party party some more
Back stage going ..
..on the floor
Try to win all the game
I've been .. in a break
I'm verified
Give me my stamp
I'm underrated
Pay the rent
Every time you … I play the rem
You like ..
You want the face of a champ
I'm Freud
You're my new toy
I'm .. boy
You're looking like a boy
And this isn't abuse
This is the truth
.. I shit in the boob
So many ..listening to this snoop
..out the street
.. with the truth
Getting money
Now you hate
This is what you do?
You ever play with that?
What it that you do?
Put a bullet in the gut
And pull it to you
You pull it to your bank
And if the hammer don't bang
You pull out against you
You .. your brain bang
I'm way past you
You know I'm too way past …
And I know I've made my movement
.. to show you we're some shit
.we're the best
At the ..
They're gonna tell you
You're a mess
.. say the right thing
You don't need to ..
I'm gone
I'm gone
I'm gone

I got it in
I got it out
Who ..
Let me shut him out

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