Cause the man up top got me
Philly in this bitch

Ok maybe it's my swagga
Everytime I come around these haters gettin madder
Gangstas in the kitchen with it whippin up the batter
When them hoes see me they like meek millz you gettin fatter
I'm eatin bitch, I'm eatin bitch
Liver than ya week can get
Dell a ric some beastin shit
Now shut up I'll eat this dick
Call up ya friends and we can get
A minaj just like nikki
Have a baby by me baby be
A millionaire like 50

10 thousand all on my wrist
Louis vs all on my feet
Louis v all on my belt
Check up boy hold my t
Check up I'm M.O.B.
I'm all about a benjamin
Shorty say her pussy wet
Guessin I'm a go swimmin then
Splash! I laugh
Get money, got cash
You hate it, you mad
I made it too bad
Just say I'm too fast
I tell em I'm a freak
And if you ask about me around philly
They will tell you I'm the streets
I'm the man round where I be
They say who dat? we dat
Cause I drop that china white and make her say I'll be back
Shorty off that crack pipe better make her relapse
Put that in her mouth and make her suck that she believe dat

Rest in peace to shawty
This 40 on my body
In the middle of the jungle
This shit realer than Jumanji
And I'm strapped
Shoot first
Get Murked
This verse don't make them act
Put in work

[K. Smith:]
I said niggas hatin on me cause I buy the shit they wanted
And they bitches wanna fuck me cause they say I look like money
I just be swaggin on em, hoppin in my bag on em
I switch the lexus to the beamer and now I'm baggin on em
They call me big bank shorty, yeah I mr getter goin
Ricky bobby on ya ho, stanky leg up in her tummy
I be flyer than a mug and I be leer jet stuntin
If it ain't bout money than it ain't bout nothing
Meek milly in his bag so I'm pullin out the louis
Just a filled up with cash and my gucci's filled with jewelry
And my life is like a movie got these bitches all chewy
Who party at my crib and got ya girl in my jacuzzi
See I got so many cars that I don't even gotta drive
Helicopter in the back all I gotta do is fly
Call me maybach shorty when I hit them one on one
Do a hundred thru a lanes like a nigga on the run

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