How did I get here?
And why the hell did it take this long?
I've buried a best friend
Inside my trash can you left outdoors....

And you dropped me in the mailbox, my face paint still left on.
And you accused I never loved you
I could say nothing to change your mind.

Charlie, charlie, charlie. My smile has become empty/ (lazy)
Heard you've been looking for me.
Come on kid you know where I would go....
See lately, lately, lastly
I would love for you to ask me, where the line between
My pen and mind's at war. I tell most the truth you know.

My voice is a hatchet. It's forgotten how to whisper soft.
My mind is a bucket, and it captures the rain
Sinking through the ceiling, landing on the rooftops.

You told me you were filled up with love... I said, "you've lost it."
You've said a mess of errors, you know not what it costs yet.
But I know, I know I know

They say I've lost it all. I watched them burn all the pictures of good pain on the beaches.
And oh, if this is rock bottom....! Then I say, "god damn! the view from here is breath taking

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