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I feel like I'm shadowed
By hazy stars above me.
And they're all shining bright for me.
I've seen days of chaos,
Winter rains that wouldn't leave.
But I came clean cause I believed.

I wanna find love and I wanna keep it.
I had it once but I didn't mind leaving it.
But I was younger then,
And I learned everything alone.
Alone, alone

Love is an aeroplane.
It can travel across the world.
And lift you high above,
And still it'll never change.
Love is a gentle word,
Even when your pride is hurt.
Won't turn you away.
Won't bring up yesterday.

Even though the days grow,
Longer by the minute.
I know there is hope in hope itself.
When I'm growing tired,
And I feel faith is drifting.
I remember love is what I'm working toward.

Love is a heavy kiss when you don't deserve it.
It forgives, forgets,
It never turns it's back on you.
Love is an empty cup.
It takes time to fill it up.
Even when you can't see
It you can fill it lifting you.

Ohhhh, Ohhh, Ohhh [x5]

Love is, love is, love is everything.
Love is, love is, love is everything.

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