Don't tell me.
You're done for.
I don't need to hear.
You're done for.
You can tell me what you are running from.
I need you.
More than you need you.
I can see you're really really running.
May i ask you where you gonna run to?
And you think you're living as a ghost now.
Not quite heaven's ugly angel.
We all feel like we're breaking sometime.
I won't let you go tonight.
Stay awake.
Stay awake survive.
I've got nineteen stars that i.
Gave your name.
I wanna scream.
Wanna scream your name.
My life can save.
You're my wish tonight.
Don't tell me.
Nothing matters.
I'll tell you.
What matters.
Bare feet in the summer.
Open windows at night.
You think that no one needs you.
You have nothing to see through.
Well i need you.
I need you.
Don't i coun't in this fight?
It's morning now.
Time to suffer again.
A safety that drunk can't find.
No one can catch me.
The way that you catch me.
The way that you keep me when i'm out of time.
What if i need you?
When i can't see you?
And i'm running out of life.

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