It's just you and me now
Lord we've had our ups and downs
We've been all the way up and all the way down

And when we were sailing high
I didn't stop to think how we would get by
No one had guessed the end and neither did i
and here we are now

You and me left
Where'd it all go
Gotta weed though the rubble
I've had enough "crazy" for both of us
You and me we'll make it up, because you and me we've had enough

I can't say i wasn't scared
Life seems to stay the same, but
time doesn't care much what I think these days
"Go one she says go on and you'll get by"

Like sunlight for the first time
A pretty thing unknown can make a man blind
Misfortune ain't a curse if ya play your cards right
gotta play em right

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