Calling out to me
The sound that glides me up and keeps me warm
Still shine and warm (???)
Reaching up for you
I found a place I'd never felt like home
I'm not alone
Cos` your love builds me up
Till I`m strong and tough
I don`t need anymore
It`s enough
It`s enough

My rising sun the darkness is gone
You came, you gave me love
It`s enough its enough to keep me moving on
Courageous heart, my little star
I`m filled with hopes id never dared to dream before

Waking up with you
Another day we share in paradise
I`m so alive
There`s no mystery
Now the secret's is been revealed to me
And set me free

Had an opportunity
To turn my life around
Now the spotlight lights right on me
It' shines on you
And if I fall I know you'll be there to saaaaaaaaaave me

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