There’ve been times in my life I wished
I could have been a little stronger
There’ve been smiles somehow
I never took the time to give away
There’ve been dreams that I let go
When I should have held on longer
There’ve been mirrors that I just turned away
There´ve been friends I have never cherished
And roses I let die

There’ve been gardens that were left unwatered
There’ve been moments in my life when I found the strength to try
There’ve been times when I just haven´t bothered

And where I've been and what I’ve done is who I am today
And I know I wouldn’t want any other way
My mistakes have made me strong
The growing sets me free
To be in love with me

There’ve been doors I've never opened to rooms filled with delight
There’ve been tears that never showed behind the smiles
There’ve been races I have run where I’ve fought for every mile
There are memories that will always be mine

If living is for loving, loving is the key
I can’t love another until I'm loving me

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