I am water I am pure
I am fluid and obscure
In my travels
I evaportate and swell
Fall so delicately from you
A blue farewell

Then I fell into his arms
Like some intoxicated whore
Let him rip me to my core
Taste the salty and the sweet
Then we are quiet and discreet
We are sensual
And completely mad

Emulate my every move
We will drift into the truth
Or float far from it
I could drown in all I think
Watch me wade until I sink
Like a stone

Finally I will give in
Feel his fingers on my skin
I will soak him in
Then I'll fall apart
Till we are whispers in the dark
We are the silences
Wrapped around our beating hearts

Blue as oceans from the skies
Are waving longingly goodbye
To the seashore
Now I see the earth is round
Nothing like it seems from the ground
Flat and dismal

So I fall into his arms
Like some intoxicated whore
Drunk on immaculate lies
Then we will fly some more
Before we swan dive
To the ocean floor

We are water we are pure
We are fluid and obscure
We could be anywhere
We could be anywhere

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