Who keeps track of things like that
Well, I do
You better keep me happy
Or I'll be howling at the moon

It's all fun and games
Till I'm feeling blue
I discovered a continent in you
But now I've settled

So I'm hitting every party
Gonna find myself some fun
We'll take uppers in the morning
Light our cigarettes off the sun
When night falls we'll go cruising
And drink until we're numb
And I'll make you
Make you want me
Want me until I'm done

Here's your last attempt
At keeping me at bay
You're gonna chain me
To every word I say

Oh, my resolve is weak
I always crack
And I've been reading too much Nin
And you Kerouak

When you wake me in the morning
I'll be motionless and cold
You will bring to me some water
Yeah, you'll do what you're told
When I see you looking somber
I'll say babe you're as good as gold
But I can't see you again tonight
I've got a reputation to uphold

Then he whispered in my ear
'You're a sly bitch, you are'
So I drank away my headache
And I stumbled out of his car
Through the fogged up glass of the window
He made a clearing with his hand
And with his eyes he told me
'One day you'll understand'

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