Broken windows of a school bus
heavy rocks in angry fists
and here i am with an inebriated glow
while the thrill of smashing glass persists

midnight passed an hour ago
we're young we're the only ones alive
filling dark silence through the neighborhood
gripping severed bottles like they were pocket knives

i am so in love
barefoot in suburbia
but when winter comes
this grass will shrivel up and die

we spend the weekend in his basement
order in and shut the door
his mother's upstairs staring at the TV screen
just like she did the night before

he makes his way toward my lips
i'm pressed against a paper sky
his father's upstairs singing to the radio
and we are filled with black smoke and white lies

i am so in love
standing on your carpet stains
but when curfew comes
i'll only have myself to blame

now there's blood where i was standing
that's what happens when you freeze time
you end up stranded in suburbia
cutting up powder into pretty lines

i am so in love
driving in a thunderstorm
left the note inside
thank you love goodbye
i am so in love
i am so in love
i am so in love
now let's get the hell out of this place before i die

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